Partners for Erasmus+ project
2014-09-26 | 14:48:03

Project  Presentation

Project Name - Becoming Entrepreneur Programme (within which programme the Project is being developed) - Erasmus + - youth

Deadline for proposals’ submission- 1st October 2014

Project Promoter - Cronoworld-Projectos de Cidadania, CRL Promoter Presentation (10 lines aprox) –

Cronworld is a cooperative founded in January 2013 with the aim of developing a national and international projects and activities that promote youngsters and adults development in terms of citizenship, entrepreneurship, cultural awareness, multilinguism, social inclusion, etc. We apply non formal education methodologies in our projects and activities, such as: youth exchanges and youth workers exchanges; national and transnational youth initiatives; workshops, training courses and partnerships Activities, european voluntary services (youth and senior); conferences, round tables, lectures; seminars and congress with youth organizations; democratic youth projects; national and international debate sessions. Cronoworld has 4 full time youth workers, 3 part time youth workers, 2 international trainees and a team of 45 volunteers and 25 trainers and facilitators.

Brief Description of the project

Main goals

This Project proposal aims to provide capacity building for organizations (youth associations, schools and universities) to assist youngsters at developing an international entrepreneur small business. –

Target groups

Organisations: youth organisations, schools, universities, employment centres, training institutions, institutions that help people to become entrepreneurs

Youngsters - Expected results

1. Role module of an entrepreneurial club that youth organizations/schools/universities/others may create to help youngsters who wish to set up an international business;

2. Manuals for organizations to be able to help youngsters with entrepreneurial profile;

3. Psychology test to identify if a certain youngsters has entrepreneurial characteristics;

4.“Entrepreneurial working papers” that schools, employment centers, training institutions may use with youngsters interested in setting up an international small business;

5. Digital tool with: best practice videos of international business created by youngsters (ex: facebook); information about entrepreneurship; training programme; data base; entrepreneurial partners meeting system.

Work Plan

1 kick off international meeting 1st phase intellectual outputs production (see above: manual, test and working papers) 1 international evaluation meeting. To evaluate both partners cooperation and intellectual outputs

2nd phase intellectual output production: digital tool. And Revision of previous intellectual outputs 1 Short-term training events for youth workers - through non formal education methods it will be provided capacity building for youth workers to implement entrepreneurship clubs and/or use the digital tool to help youngsters with entrepreneurial profiles Multiplier events

Partner Profile: Schools, Youth organisations, Entrepreneurship, assistance organisations, Employment centres, Youth SME

Contacts Liliana Melo +351 96 67 55 414

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